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A team of professionals who have been working together for more than 20 years leading the search for optimal financing and investment solutions.

Un equipo de profesionales que trabajamos juntos desde hace más de 20 años liderando la búsqueda de soluciones óptimas de financiación e inversión.

Our more than 20 years working in the debt market translates into a robust and expert team, with an agile character that detects possibilities for financial efficiency and designs comprehensive and creative solutions. We share a dynamic and positive vision of the market, which bets on companies that know what they are looking for: results and trustworthy relationships.

What defines us?

Financial Creativity

We design financing and investment opportunities to find innovative approaches and customised solutions that allow companies to choose the most appropriate options for their needs.

Dynamic Expertise

We adapt to the companies’ needs in an agile and efficient way, managing the specialised knowledge of a track record of more than 20 years, to which we keep adding what we learn everyday.

Mission Statement

Our passion for our profession commits us to wanting to improve it and to make an impact to leave our mark. To this end, our goal is to train build the best team that shares our work philosophy, where ethics and passion go hand in hand.


The Team’s

Kenta Capital’s business model is the result of the evolution and proven experience of its management over the last 20 years.

1999 - 2013Alternative Solutions in a challenging Context

+ 100 billion in Structured Finance transactions: Project Finance, Corporate Syndicated Finance, Leveraged Finance, Asset Finance and the start of Banesto’s Private Capital Markets activity.

2013 - 2018Development and Diversification of the Services on Offer

Structured Finance Operations, development of the Public and Private Capital Markets activity: Commercial Papers, Securitisations, Public and Private Issues, Direct Lending, and the beginning of Asset Management for institutional investors in Banca March.

2018 - 2022Consolidation (Establishment) of an experienced Team

Operations in Public and Private Capital Markets and start and development of the activity of Structuring and Management of debt funds in Banco Sabadell.

2022 Foundation of Kenta Capital