in Motion
We dynamize the debt market in order to generate more opportunities

About us

We are an independent investment bank specializing in debt.

We offer financing and investment solutions, both traditional and alternative, that adapt to our clients' needs in each market context.

Business Lines

Our business model specialising in debt is unique in that

Based on a global vision of the company, we offer our clients a comprehensive offering comprised of four complementary areas of financing and investment solutions.

Why Kenta?

Kenta Capital is the manifestation of the strength of the spirit that moves this company

Kenta Capital aims to dynamize the debt market, of which we are specialists, in order to generate more opportunities.

As a result of our experience, and our understanding of the financing needs of companies, as well as the existing financing alternatives in the market, Kenta Capital emerges as a project that will inject dynamism, allowing to speed up this type of operations.

Our Team

A team of debt professionals united by the same work culture and a shared vision.

Un equipo de profesionales
especialistas en deuda unidos por una misma
cultura del trabajo y una visión compartida.

We are committed to creating a talent pipeline within a team that combines senior specialist talent with young professionals who have the opportunity to become best-in-class in the debt market.