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Advice on the origination, structuring and execution of both bank and non-bank financing alternatives, granted by different types of investors: insurance companies, management companies, debt funds, family offices, among others.

Direct Lending & Corporate Private Placements

Long-term corporate financing in the form of a loan or bond with one or several institutional investors that allows (i) diversification of financing sources and (ii) more competitive structures in terms of maturity and repayment profile.

Throughout their career, Kenta Capital’s team have reached agreements with Institutional Investors, both nationally and internationally, to originate and structure Direct Lending and Private Placements for amounts in excess of €3,000 million, which has allowed them to close transactions with numerous companies in different sectors of activity.

Project Bonds

Long-term project financing, in bond format, with international institutional investors, which allows maximizing leverage, taking advantage of those opportunities in which, their structuring criteria are more competitive than those required by financial institutions.

In the last 3 years, Kenta Capital’s team has structured and executed transactions for an amount exceeding €2,500 million, both senior and subordinated debt in different formats: (i) with public investment grade rating by Standard & Poors (S&P), (ii) with AA credit enhancement with Assured Guaranty as monoline and (iii) without public rating. In addition, hybrid operations have been coordinated, combining bank and institutional financing.

Commercial Paper Programme & European Commercial Paper

A financing alternative in the capital markets that allows the issuer to: (i) diversify its sources of financing beyond traditional bank financing, (ii) optimize its financing costs and (iii) take a first step in the capital markets with fixed-income investors.

The Kenta Capital team has extensive experience in this product, having structured and registered Commercial Paper programmes in MARF and Euronext Dublin for an amount exceeding 7 billion euros, and for a total of more than 30 companies, some with investment grade public ratings and others high yield or non-rated. For the vast majority of these companies, it marked their entry into the capital markets and access to fixed income investors with the registration of their inaugural promissory note program.


Financing alternative in the capital markets based on the assignment of a portfolio of credit rights (present or future) that is financed through a promissory note or bond issue.

The Kenta Capital team has led innovative structures for securitisation of insurer-backed invoices for more than 700 million euros as well as securitisation of future receivables based on long-term contracts for more than 150 million euros, all of them with investment grade rating and distributed to institutional fixed income investors.

Investment Grade & High Yield Government Bonds

Long-term debt issuance transactions in public markets by large companies and financial institutions with both investment grade and high yield ratings.

The Kenta Capital team has participated in more than 100 transactions for public issuers as well as, financial institutions and listed and private companies for a cumulative amount of more than 50,000 million euros.