Slide Asset Management
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Structuring and Management of Investment Funds, with different strategies for each fund, although all of them with the common denominator of investing in debt assets.

Kenta Capital Pagarés Corporativos FIL

On January 20, 2023, the CNMV authorized the registration of the fixed income fund Kenta Capital Pagarés Corporativos FIL, which falls under the Kenta Capital’s Asset Management activity.

It is an Investment Fund focused on investing in short-term commercial paper notes in which Kenta Capital will act as the advisor and Renta 4 as the manager and depository of the fund. This fund provides access to the commercial paper market through a diversified portfolio and a simplified and cost-optimized format.

*Kenta Capital is not regulated or supervised by the CNMV or any other similar financial or governmental entity and therefore is not authorized to market investment fund.

The information described above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any offer or recommendation to trade, invest, buy or sell the products described therein.


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